LLDP is desabled by default.  LLDP should be activated in global configuration Mode. when activated, with lldp run, it will be activated by default on all interfces. to desable it on a particular interface, we have to do no lldp transmit AND no lldp receive.

VTP domain is indicated on CDP TLV but not on LLDP TLV, it is, logic

a good site about LLDP but it is in French.

LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)


3750(config)#lldp tlv-select ?
mac-phy-cfg          IEEE 802.3 MAC/Phy Configuration/status TLV
management-address   Management Address TLV
port-description     Port Description TLV
port-vlan            Port VLAN ID TLV
power-management     IEEE 802.3 DTE Power via MDI TLV
system-capabilities  System Capabilities TLV
system-description   System Description TLV
system-name          System Name TLV

3750(config)#lldp tlv-select




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